[design] Trenitalia releases new InterCity livery on new Hitachi tri-mode passenger trains [video]

On 04.09.2023, Hitachi Rail released Calabria’s first tri-mode Masaccio (DBEMU!) for intercity services. Back then, a film covered the sides, giving only a glimpse of something new. Today, things got clear:

On 15.01.2024, the first Trenitalia Blues = Hitachi Masaccio = HTR 412 for intercity services left the Hitachi Rail Italy plant in Pistoia. The four-car train is numbered HTR 412 n.033 and is painted in blue and white, which, at this point, we can regard as the new standard livery of Trenitalia for the Intercity Giorno brand.

Hitachi Rail HTR 412 n.033 in Prato on 15.01.2024 © Igli Sheldija

The new train moved from Pistoia to Chiusi-Chianciano Terme to perform a test run. Then, it will go to the circuit of Bologna San Donato for the final tests before the delivery. The Calabria region has ordered seven trains to replace the current loco-hauled compositions running between Taranto and Reggio Calabria, along the Jonica Line, consisting of D.445 diesel locomotives and three coaches.

Trenitalia recently hinted that with the new HTR 412s, which will have a first-class, the Apulia region’s terminus would be moved to Lecce and Bari for selected services. Technically, they will be identical to the ‘regional’ Blues. The top speed will be the same: 160 km/h.

The first units, which should be named “Hybrid City”, are expected to enter regular service within a few weeks.