[passenger] About Tren Maya – the controversial train project on the Yucatan peninsula (video)


We have written about ‘Tren Maya’ several times in recent years. As usual, we look mainly at the rolling stock, staying away (to some extent) from the often complicated political circumstances under which such a project comes about. But Tren Maya developed so quickly that we had to discover how this was possible. In doing so, we learn about the various controversies surrounding this project.

Therefore, we decided to bring Tren Maya under the spotlight differently this time. We asked our friends from Trains Are Awesome if we could publish their first-hand report on riding the first complete section of Tren Maya. We think they give a balanced view of the situation. Also, we encourage you to inform yourself more on the topic. Many media platforms have good articles on the topic.

About the video

On 15.12.2023, the new intercity railway in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula opened. First announced by President Lopez Obrador in 2018, this new railway is now partially open – but it has been anything but smooth. Tren Maya is controversial because it neglects and even destroys ancient burial grounds, archaeological sites, rainforests, and essential water sources. Find out what it is like to ride this new train, why some people are happy with it, and why some are not.