[design] Special locomotive design for the Tommie & Tess book!

Rail Magazine, Railexperts and Roco present the eye-catching 9902 (1616) as an attractive ambassador locomotive for the “Tommie and Tess” children’s books. Bart Haans writes the stories, and Eva van Aalst created motifs for the popular books that adorn the sides of the locomotive and make it an absolute must-have for everyone.

For the release of book no.2, locomotive 9902 got a special livery, which was presented on 04.01.2024 with a special Tommie & Tess express. Book 2 tells the story of two young rail adventurers travelling to Switzerland with their grandma. The text is in Dutch, but a German version will be available soon (contact us!). A nice gift!

Added 06.06.2024 – the movie

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The books are full-colour and filled with marvellous super-detailed illustrations – the perfect storybook for the young and old – but especially for kids 4-7 years old. You can order them by clicking the images below:

Yes, there will be an H0 model! in November 2024

Roco will bring an exclusive H0 model of 9902 ‘Tommie and Tess’ in 2024. It will feature a pantograph with an innovative mounting system and many extra fine details, partly made using etching technology. DC, DCC, and AC will be available. The N-scale model will come in Q1 2025.

About the locomotive and Railexperts

Locomotive 9902 was delivered to the Dutch State Railways (NS) in 1981 as no. 1616. When passenger and freight services were separated, the locomotive was assigned to NS Cargo (freight transport), eventually becoming part of DB Cargo, which withdrew its last 1600s in 2020. The remaining locomotives were sold to RXP Tractie, an asset company of the Railexperts Group, which renumbered 9902. The locomotive is used for its transport operations and leased to other rail transport companies.

Railexperts is a provider of passenger and freight transportation services. Special passenger trains are tractioned, locomotive and railcar transfers are carried out for third parties, and last-mile freight transport services. The services also include approval test runs and a 24/7 control centre that monitors traffic for various rail transport companies.

About Railcolor Design

Railcolor Design is a specialized design agency for rolling stock in- and exterior styling. We work with rolling stock manufacturers, railway operators, and leasing companies. Our team of experts knows your rolling stock and understands your railway business.

We supported the Tommie and Tess project by adjusting the design to the real locomotive and creating the final files for print processing.