[UK] CAF to supply tri-mode Civity trains to LNER


On 15.05.2019, London North Eastern Railway’s (LNER) Azuma trains officially entered passenger service. In the near future, new trains built in Newport, Wales, will join them:

On 09.11.2023, LNER selected CAF as the preferred bidder for the project to supply ten tri-mode trains (BDEMU). Porterbrook will buy the trains and lease them to LNER subsequently.

Rendering of Civity trains for LNER © CAF

They will operate in electric, diesel, or battery mode, being highly versatile. The project also includes maintenance by CAF for a period of eight years. The value of this order exceeds EUR 500 million.

The 10-car trains, based on CAF’s Civity UK platform, will complement LNER’s existing Hitachi-built Azumas (Class 800 DEMU and Class 801 EMU). The new fleet will enter passenger service on the LNER-operated East Coast Main Line (ECML).

Read more about LNER and the Azuma, a name originally launched by Virgin, here:

[UK] LNER officially launches its Azuma fleet on the East Coast mainline