[AT] More new ÖBB Nightjets delivered and training in Germany

Passengers travelling on Night trains in Europe don’t have to wait much longer to experience the next generation of Rolling stock. With ÖBB’s new Siemens Nightjet 2 coaches entering service in December of 2023, more rakes are being delivered, and training in Germany is in full swing.

Recently, two new 7-car Nightjet 2 rakes (number 12 and 13) were seen outshopped in Vienna. One rake, still wrapped in protective white plastic, has made its way to Hannover (DE) in early November for driver training.

Herbert Pschill caught the two new rakes in Vienna Hauptbahnhof on 30.10.2023, with not one, but two Taurus ‘Werbeloks’:

ÖBB 1016 021 “Gösser Bier’ with new Nightjet 2s in Vienna Hauptbahnhof on 30.10.2023 © Herbert Pschill
ÖBB 1016 020 ‘Profis am werk’ with new Nightjet 2s in Vienna Hauptbahnhof on 30.10.2023© Herbert Pschill

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