[EU] In the picture: This was Snälltåget’s Vectron sandwich train to the Alps


Cross-border Vectrons are on the rise in Northern Europe. Not long ago, Railcolor News focused in detail on the latest Vectron developments related to Swedish passenger train operator Snälltåget. Now we get another glimpse of one of their cross-border trains heading to Austria.

ELL Vectron 193 965, a train of ten carriages and 193 288 in the back. This sight materialised on 22.07.2023, shortly before the temporary halt of cross-border traffic between Sweden and Germany due to track works in Denmark. The special train was Snälltåget’s first summertime night service from Sweden to Innsbruck and the Alps, which started its 1720 km (!) journey in Malmö.

ELL > Snålltåget 193 965 leading the Alpain service RS 29671 between Tårtnby and Ørestad (DK) 22.07.2023 © Konstantin Planinski | OnTrack

At the back of the train, the recently retrofitted 193 288 was seen inactive:

ELL > Snålltåget 193 288 is seen inactive at the back of RS 29671 between Tårtnby and Ørestad (DK) 22.07.2023 © Konstantin Planinski | OnTrack

The return service of the Alpian Snälltåget will take place this Sunday, arriving back in Sweden on Monday, 31.07.2023. Regular services to Berlin are expected to begin afterwards.

About 193 965’s flag design

In June, the B18-configured Vectron 193 965 was given a special livery design which makes it stand out from the remaining ELL Vectrons that are being leased to Snälltåget. Red sides with the operator’s logos were applied to the bodyshell, yet its cabs remained white.

ELL > Snålltåget 193 965 sporting its freshly applied flag livery design shortly before Ørestad (DK) with the night train from Berlin on 17.06.2023 © Konstantin Planinski | OnTrack

A series of flag garlands were added as extra decorations. These show the different lands where Snälltåget is driving its trains, starting with Sweden’s flag, followed by the provinces of Skåne and Jämtlan, and then the flags of Denmark, Germany, Berlin, and Austria. 

A note by the author, Konstantin Planinski, former editor of Railcolor News: This is my last article for Railcolor News. I would like to express my gratitude to the Railcolor team. It has been an amazing 6+ years journey, which unfortunately has come to an end as I am now exploring new professional opportunities.