[DE] Official presentation: KISS for NAH.SH enter service in January 2023


The KISS trains for ‘Elektronetz Ost’ will come a little later. The first units will not enter service in December 2022, but in January 2023. It will then take three months to have all 18 trains ready for their Hamburg – Lübeck – Travemünde services.

On 16.11.2022, the new KISS units for the Hamburg – Lübeck route were presented in Lübeck. Training on the double-deck trains has started. The commercial launch by operator DB Regio is scheduled for the end of January 2023, one month later than planned. The delay is caused by Corona-crisis-related supply chain problems and adjustments on trains to make them better suited for passengers with reduced mobility.

  • Good to know: The KISS trains are numbered as Class 445 – unit numbering starts at 445 116/446 116/446 616/445 616.

For the first time, the interior of the new trains is shown. Light greys are combined with teal headrests and blue-ish sidewalls.

Eighteen double-deck trains will gradually be put into operation by April 2023. These high-capacity units, with a maximum speed of 160 km/h, will operate in multiple on this route, offering 810 seats per train. The doors are optimised for platforms with a height of 760 mm.

After all KISS units are in operation, FLIRT BEMUs will be launched in Schleswig-Holstein, starting in May 2023.