[US] Arrow Service in California with FLIRT units launched


San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) has launched the long-planned new commuter trains service connecting San Bernardino with Redlands on the outskirts of LA. Metrolink will operate new DMUs made by Stadler.

Southern California has more commuter trains at last. The project linking Redlands with San Bernardino, called Arrow, was launched at the end of October 2022. In San Bernardino, the operator of these trains, Metrolink, offers connections to Los Angeles Union Station.

Metrolink Stadler FLIRT 3402 in Redlands on 24.10.2022 © Metrolink

Stadler USA made new trains for Orange County. Each of the three 2-car FLIRT DMUs offers space for 120 passengers, eight wheelchairs, 12 bicycle racks, and USB chargers at most seats.

Metrolink Stadler FLIRT 3403 on 24.10.2022 © Metrolink

More details regarding the Redlands Passenger Rail project in the post below:

[US] Stadler Flirt in the US: The Redlands Passenger Rail project