[FR] In the picture: Stadler Euro6000s at work in France


In February 2022, Railcolor News brought you the news about the first commercial service of standard-gauge Euro6000 locomotives in France with their special cargo. It has been a while, so here’s a photo reminder that these locomotives are busy working in France.

Five out of 14 locomotives on lease by Captrain from Alpha Trains are standard European gauge. You might wonder where you can see them. One suggestion would be to visit the high-speed Figueres – Perpignan line. That is where Jean-Claude Mons captured his picture of a solo Stadler Euro6000 locomotive near Trouillas on 11.09.2022:

Alpha Trains / Captrain Stadler Euro6000 locomotive near Trouillas on 11.09.2022 © Jean-Claude Mons