[IT] In the picture: The Pink Vectrons of Oceanogate


Ten years ago, Italian operator, Oceanogate made it on our front page when it commissioned its first TRAXX locomotive in pink. In March 2012, Alpha Trains 483 020 made a good first impression with its new design next. Within three months, there were five pinkies: 483 001, 007, 018, 019, and 020. Locomotive 483 014 had it from 2017 until 2022. Now, these machines got company. We present to you Alpha Trains 193 592 and 593 in Oceanogate design.

Our thank goes out to Mirko Destefani for his pictures!

They did quite a thorough job on 91 80 6193 592-3 D-ATLU and 91 80 6193 593-1 D-ATLU. Both locomotives were delivered recently in lime and silver:

193 592 and 593 in Melzo on 01.07.2021 © Mirko Destefani

And now they have turned pink. This means someone had to paint the handlebars to cover all the lime. Both locomotives also got a name; 193 592 is the “Lady Pink Melzo” and  193 593 “Lady Pink Spezia”. The latter one was seen by Mirko Destefani while passing through Pavia’s countryside with a train Melzo Scalo-Genova Voltri:

Alpha Trains > Oceanogate 193 593 in Certosa di Pavia on 08.09.2022 © Mirko Destefani