[CH] In the picture: Maiden voyage of the new POLARIS trains [video]


At the end of 2019, Gornegratbahn (GGB) ordered five Stadler-made and Pininfarina-designed rack-and-pinion trains for the railway up the Matterhorn. The official roll-in of the trains took place at the beginning of September.

On 01.09.2022, a selected group of guests had a taste of the future of traveling up the cog railway to Matterhorn in Switzerland. GGB plans to start operating its new POLARIS trains in 2023. The official unveiling ceremony follows an extensive test program, featuring dynamic trials in single, double, and mixed traction (with vehicles from the existing fleet). A technical operational safety inspection by Switzerland’s Federal Office of Transport took place in mid-August and an operating permit was issued at the end of the month.

© Pininfarina

POpular LAndscape Railway ISwitzerland (POLARIS) trains were presented by Railcolor News in detail in our article from May 2022. To shorten the wait time for the new Bhe 4/6 trains to enter regular service, here are more pictures and a video:

The latest out of three units produced we have seen on rails is Bhe 4/6 3093:

Bhe 4/6 3093 for GGB © Pininfarina