[CH] In the picture: An Aem 940 in the final Sersa livery


It’s not new: the Prima H4 hybrids for Sersa Grup will be (snow) white. But the last time we witnessed Aem 940 wearing its new livery, the locomotive was still missing something…

On 12.08.2022, Michael Krahenbuhl captured an interesting sighting in Gelterkinden (CH): an infrastructure train hauled by Aem 940 004 of Sersa Grup. This is the second Sersa Prima H4 that Railcolor News is highlighting. Unlike Aem 940 005, which we saw previously, it is sporting the logos of the operator, number markings included:

Aem 940 005 of Sersa Grup in Gelterkinden (CH) 12.08.2022 © Michael Krahenbuhl

Curious fact: The Sersa Aem 940s are not new, and the white livery they’re sporting was preceded by a red one. Find out why in our story below, and make sure to grab an Expert subscription while you’re at it:

[CH] Snow White: Check out the Prima H4 for Sersa Group [updated]