[EU] In the picture: 185 595 is back in service (from revision)


Railcolor News’ subscribers already know it: At the end of July, 185 595 of Beacon Rail was one of several TRAXXes spotted outside Kassel where their maintenance takes place. In the case of Beacon Rail’s loco, we’re talking about a revision. Now, the loco is back doing what it can do best: driving trains!

The golden stripe of the chic-y 185 595 is shining bright again. The loco got a revision at Alstom’s Kassel plant recently so it can continue its many years of faithful service. The exact revision data reads: Unt Alstom Service Kassel 19.07.22. It would have been a good opportunity to add Beacon Rail’s newest logo, but this did not happen.

With the new revision in place, it’s time for business as usual. Steffen Tröndle portrayed the machine leading a twin-powered tank train on 08.08.2022 in Leibstadt and Koblenz:

185 595 in Leibstadt (DE) 08.08.2022 © Steffen Tröndle
185 595 in Koblenz (DE) 08.08.2022 © Steffen Tröndle

Did you know that there are actually two locos in this design (which has a touch of Railcolor)? 185 596 was the first one, 595 came second. The article below tells the story of how that happened:

[EU] Beacon Rail 185 596 – First TRAXX in blue and gold