[EU] Beacon Rail 185 596 – First TRAXX in blue and gold

For the first time, an electric locomotive of lease company Beacon Rail has been repainted in the company’s corporate colour scheme, gold, blue and black. Railcolor Design was happy to support Bombardier and Beacon Rail with the make-over of the machine. This is the ‘new’ 185 596.

Maybe some of you were expecting another colour explosion, but sometimes this is unnecessary. A livery can have different purposes; some designs must turn heads, be colourful and unique, while others require a more subtle approach. Some need to last for a short time; others need to be a base design for many years to come.

The electric TRAXX AC2 with DE/AT/CH package, such as the 185 596, does not need special front colour for homologation, no white, yellow or red. So the blue and the gold could be freely applied all around while still having enough space for future operators to apply their logos and stickers.

185 596 was previously operated by Crossrail (named ‘Suzy’) and has had a full red Crossrail livery since 2011. Beacon Rail 185 595 and 596 were the only ones in this design.

Originally it was painted in silver and pink (Allco colours) together with 185 590-597 and 599-602, which are now all property of Beacon Rail. Remarkable: 185 596 was damaged during an accident in Brig (CH) in 2010 when it, together with Re 436 113, collided head-on with BLS Cargo Re 485 002.

27.07.2018 – Photo: Tim Roux