[AT] Pure Nightjet: An additional trainset is running tests in Austria


With the expected arrival of the new Nighjet trainset in the summer of 2023, it is time to perform thorough testing. Apart from the mixed Railjet/Nighjet trainset, there is one more train circulating Austria – and it’s pure Nightjet.

There are 33 new seven-car Nightjet trainsets on order by ÖBB, and the plan is to see the first of them in operation next summer. All rakes should be delivered by the end of 2025. This means a lot of testing at the moment.

You have seen photos of the mixed Railjet/Nightjet on our website before. Yet, there is one more trainset on tests these days – consisting of a control car and three intermediate cars, all pure Nightjet. It has been traveling back and forth between Vienna Hütteldorf and Amstetten, and we have got a picture of it thanks to regular contributor Dominik Pauli:

Nighjet test train pushed by ÖBB 1016 013 near Kappeln on 21.07.2022 © Dominik Pauli