[IT] Two Alstom Coradia Stream units for TFT


Tuscany-based operator Trasporti Ferroviario Toscano  (TFT) will soon receive the first out of two Alstom Coradia Stream units. At the moment, the EMU has a strange-looking half-Trenitalia and half-TFT livery.

Two new Coradia Stream units will operate in the lovely region of Italian Tuscany starting this autumn. The trainsets ordered will be delivered in September and are due to start service in October 2022. They will be operating on the link from Arezzo to Stia and Sinalunga.

The first Coradia Stream, ETR104 104, has a weird-looking livery at the moment and looks as if it was changing clothes. The top half of the unit is in the Trenitalia livery, while the bottom already foreshadows the new and final TFT livery.

ETR104.104 for TFT in a semi-changed livery in Savigliano on 29.07.2022 © Igli Sheldija

The company (formerly known as LFI – La Ferroviaria Italiana) operates a fleet of seven Alstom Coradia Meridian units.