[IT] First ‘Pop’ train for Trenitalia presented [updated]

Today Trenitalia and Alstom presented the first Coradia Stream EMU for regional services. Starting in 2019, Trentalia will introduce these 160m km/h units in various Italian regions under brand name ‘Pop’. So far, Emilia-Romagna, Puglia, Veneto, Sicily, Piemonte, Liguria, Abruzzo and Marche will get Pop EMUs in the near future. 

We thank TG-trains.com for the images

Alstom and Trenitalia closed a framework deal back in August 2016, a mock-up of the Pop was presented in October 2017. Now the first unit has been revealed in Alstom’s factory in Savigliano (IT). In July the first tests will commence on the test circuit of VUZ Velim.

Alstom will present the Coradia Stream as Trenitalia Pop EMU during InnoTrans 2018 in Berlijn.

150-unit frame contract, but now 180 on order?

Alstom will deliver the Pop trains as 3-car and 4-car units. Under the 2016 framework agreement, up to 150 trains could be ordered. However when we list all known regional orders, we count 180 trains to be built:

  • 47x Emilia Romagna
  • 4x Abruzzo
  • 15x Liguria
  • 4x Marche
  • 31x Veneto
  • 15x Piemonte
  • 21x Sicilia
  • 43x Puglia

During the past year, mock-ups of the Pop and Rock EMUs have been on tour (named #lamusicastacambiamdo) to various Italian cities to give Italian people the opportunity to take a close look at the design.

The new Coradia Stream for Trenitalia on 26.06.2018 – Photo: TG-trains.com

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