[FR] Buzz Lightyear flies on a Sybic locomotive


Shortly before the new millennium, Alstom finished the delivery of 234 “Sybic” locomotives, designated as Class BB 26000 at SNCF’s. One of these modern classics now features a flying new livery powered by Buzz Lightyear.

SNCF usually uses the TGV trainsets for the promotion of new Disney movies. This time it is different. Sybic locomotive no. BB 26046 now features a new livery, promoting the latest Buzz Lightyear movie. Shining turquoise to night-blue stickers show the animated hero and the French name of the film – Buzz l’Éclair.

Romain Vergnères captured the locomotive pulling a Cahors – Paris Austerlitz with a respectful fourteen coaches behind it:

SNCF 126046 passes Chevilly et Artenay on 17.06.2022 © Romain Vergnères