[EU] It exists: Vectron 193 944 of ELL is in the picture


Companies across Europe are deploying new locomotives all the time. Railcolor specializes in tracking them down and showing them to both experts and enthusiasts alike. But with so many developments taking place at the same time, sometimes it is easy to miss a piece. Thanks to Dirk Jensma’s submission, we bring you a portrait of another brand new Vectron for ELL.

To us, 193 944 seems to be a phantom locomotive, as it had been missing from our radars. But the loco has been active for some time now. Exhibit A:

ELL Vectron 193 944 in Assling (DE) 31.05.2022 © Dirk Jensma

This is, in fact, the third new ELL Vectron locomotive that we recorded recently. Find out more about the others, plus a general overview of Vectron deliveries for ELL in the Expert articles below:

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