[FI] In the picture: A Finnish shunter heads to Vienna under the cover of night



The third VR Class Dr19 locomotive, no. 2833, does not go straight from Spain to Finland. It has a “layover” in Vienna, where it will undergo a series of tests in the climate wind tunnel.

It is common for operators to require all new vehicles to sustain extreme weather conditions. Scandinavian customers want to be sure their new rolling stock can withstand the harsh winters of the north. Simulating such conditions is done in central Europe, at Rail Tec Arsenal’s (RTA) climate chambers.

VR 2833 on a trailer during delivery to RTA in Vienna on 27.04.2022 © Raimund Wyhnal

With sixty Dr19 center cab dieselelectric locomotives on order, VR is currently testing 2831 and 2832 in Finland. On 27.04.2022, 2833 was delivered to RTA Vienna for climate tests. Under the cover of night, Raimund Wyhnal captured the road transport in pictures: