[SE] In the picture: A Nordic Re-Finance TRAXX trio at work in the snow


Sometimes a picture says it all. And we believe this is the case with René Klink’s amazing winter portrait of not one, not two, but three (!) Nordic Re-Finance TRAXXes at work for Railcare & Kaunis Iron.

The impressive view below was taken on April 1st (no kidding!) and features locos 482 036, 042, and 043 with their pantos up:

482 036 + 042 + 043 of Nordic Re-Finance > Railcare near Rautas (SE) 01.04.2022 © René Klink

While we are getting used to this different kind of black TRAXXes running in Sweden, there is something else we are looking forward to – the appearance of the sixth former SBB Cargo locomotive for Nordic Re-Finance (482 044). This one will be special not only because will it be equipped with ETCS for operation in Sweden and Norway, but also because it will look different…

Need more black TRAXXes in the snow? Head this way, please:

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And what is the fate of the first generation of black TRAXX locos for Sweden? Well, they have a new owner. Read more here:

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