[HU] The next Akiem diesel TRAXX for RCH has logos

In September, Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCH) announced it would lease five Alstom TRAXX diesel locomotives from Akiem. We have already seen locomotive 285 107 in Hungary, and now, number 103 has made an appearance – with new stickers.

Since the announcement, Hungary has approved state aid for single wagons load to make this segment more competitive with trucking. The funds are provided to various companies, not just RCH. Yet, 285 103 was present at the signage ceremony.

Now, the locomotive is out. It features a black and blue RCH logo, and, just like 1116 019, the slogan “switch to rail” in Hungarian: Válts Vasútra!

Akiem 285 103 leased to Railc Cargo Hungaria in Bánréve on 11.11.2021 © Barta Attila