[PL] In the picture: Meet the anniversary EuroSprinter of PKP Intercity

It will be a busy week for railway transportation in Poland with the TRAKO 2021 trade fair set to open doors tomorrow. And there is a lot going on also when it comes to colors too. It was only last week when Railcolor News previewed the three 20th anniversary electrics of PKP Intercity and our Expert subscribers got the first glimpse of them. Thanks to Laurent-Kaeffer, we bring you a visual of the EuroSprinter at work.

PKP Intercity’s EuroSprinter EU44-006 has a new look, promoting the 20th anniversary of the operator. According to Laurent, who took the nice picture below, last week the locomotive circulate on the ECs between Warsaw and Berlin. The picture that follows was taken atRzepin station on 16.09.2021:

EU44-006 of PKP IC seen in Rzepin (PL) 16.09.2021 © Laurent Kaeffer

To see all three locomotives and for further details around the special design, check the article below and get an Expert subscription while you’re at it, by taking advantage of our promotional campaign until the end of the month:

[PL / Expert] The 20th anniversary of PKP Intercity; three locomotives in a special design