[PL] In the picture: Meet the colorful Pesa Gama of Pol-Miedź Trans [updated]

It’s time to change flavors with a uniquely-colored Pesa Gama locomotive. Pol-Miedź Trans (PMT) recently received the 30th locomotive that Pesa outshops for the Polish market. And so far we could show you only a front view of it. Well, today this changes.

This article was originally published on 09.08.2021 – and updated on 27.08.2021 (new pictures added, scroll down to see them). Railcolor News thanks Daniel Kuczob and Patryk Farana for their photo contribution.

Orange, green, black, and a bit of red – they all combine together bringing this shiny and colorful example of Polish electric locomotive manufacturing. Behold, the PMT Gama in all its glory, seen in Racibórz (PL) on 07.08.2021:

111Ed 030 of PTM in Racibórz (PL) 07.08.2021 © Daniel Kuczob

Curious fact: Designated as 91 51 5170 148-8 PL-PMT, the locomotive also features a diesel power module (DPM) which allows it to shunt on non-electrified tracks. Railcolor News previously brought a detailed profile on this machine.

Update 27.08.2021: More pictures

Patryk Farana has kindly sent us the following pictures that were taken once again in Racibórz. Enjoy the slideshow:

The detailed image below also shows the revision date of the locomotive: Bg (Bydgoszcz) 30.07.2021.

In detail: 111Ed-030, seen in Racibórz (PL) 17.08.2021 © Patryk Farana

Read more about the locomotive in the Expert article below:

[PL / Expert] Tri-color Gama officially handed over to Pol-Miedź Trans

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