[DE] EuroDual bringing you beer: 159 207 tested by WLE

Among the better-known private operators in Germany belongs Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn GmbH (WLE). It is known for its Warsteiner beer train for example. As it operates on non-electrified track sections, WLE could be a perfect fit for dual-mode locomotive operation.

And so WLE did a test with a Stadler EuroDual locomotive, 159 207, owned by ELP. The white locomotive appeared on rails on 22.06.2021 and 23.06.2021, in the Westphalia region. And Jürgen Kaehler captured the train in three different locations:

159 207 of ELP in test runs for WLE in Lippstadt on 22.06.2021: © Jurgen Kaehler
159 207 of ELP in test runs for WLE in Haarstrang on 23.06.2021: © Jurgen Kaehler

WLE owns an interesting fleet of locomotives, including Siemens ES64F4 locomotive (81) and a TRAXX AC3 last-mile equipped locomotive (82). There is a G2000 in Warsteiner livery (21) and two Siemens EuroRunners (22/23) and let’s not forget about the Vossloh DE18s: 56 (WLE), 57 (RLG), 58 (RVM). These are being supported by a diverse fleet of older diesel machines.