[EU] Alstom Atlas ETCS for Vossloh DE18 locomotives

On 17.06.2021, Alstom and Vossloh locomotives announced they signed a EUR 20 million-deal to equip fifty DE18 diesel locomotives with Alstom’s Atlas on-board signalling solution. The locomotives will be deployed in Germany, France, Luxembourg, and Belgium starting in 2022. There is an option for thirty more locomotives. 

The Atlas ETCS Level 2 signalling solution deployed for the Vossloh locos is based on the latest Baseline 3 Release 2 standard. For Luxembourg lines, the locomotives will operate under ETCS Level 1 while the Contrôle de vitesse par balises software solution will be deployed on SNCF’s French freight network. For their use in Belgium, the freight trains will be equipped with TBL1+.

The three systems will then be integrated into Alstom’s Tri-Standard solution (TriStd). To enable operation on the German rail network, Alstom’s Atlas solution will be used to integrate and manage PZB. The state-of-the-art solution will provide dynamic cross-border transition between the above-mentioned countries and can even be extended to operate in the Netherlands, an option which has also been agreed upon.

Vossloh Locomotives will manufacture the locomotives and install the Alstom TriStd system at its plant in Kiel, Germany. For the installation of the signalling equipment Alstom’s Saint Ouen, Charleroi, Villeurbanne and Berlin locations will cooperate and conduct integration tests (T&C) of the TriStd system on all locomotives.

An overview of all DE18s:

[Data] Vossloh G 18 and DE 18

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