[AT] Mit Bio fahren wir alle besser: New ÖBB Taurus Werbelok

How to keep your locomotives in the headlines after 20 years of service? ÖBB manages that through numerous ‘Werbeloks’ – wrapping locomotives for promotional or advertising purposes. The latest addition is 1116 165, promoting bio products of Austria.

Since 1116 165 was delivered to Austrian Federal railways in 2003, it has been running around in ÖBB’s standard red paint scheme. But now it has its chance to be different:

Since the end of March, the Werbelok is promoting bio products made in Austria – a smiling farmer, sheep, beetroots. The text says something like: “With bio, all do better”. The organic/bio farmers promote their holistic approach.  One of the first services in the new livery was captured by @inntalpictures on 30.03.2021 in Vorarlberg, with a push-pull double deck trains:

New “bio” werbelok 1116 165 captured in Vorarlberg on 30.03.2021. Photo credit: Laurenz Urmann
ÖBB 1116 165 on 11.04.2021 – Andreas Kepplinger