[DE] In the picture: This is Ecco Rail’s first EuroDual locomotive [updated]


They keep coming and coming. Further EuroDuals begin their commercial operation for private operators across Germany. Up next: Ecco Rail.

Railcolor thanks Christian Tscharre and Sebastian Bollmann for their photo-contribution. This article was originally published on 22.01.2021 – and updated on 28.01.2021 (new picture added). Scroll down to see the update.

Ecco Rail is the latest German operator to begin hybrid-powered activities powered by Stadler’s EuroDual platform. 159 214 is the number of the first locomotive that the operator is leasing from ELP. In the early hours of 22.01.2021, it was seen at Neu-Ulm station in Bavaria;

EuroDual 159 214 of ELP > Eccorail seen at Neu-Ulm (DE) 22.01.2021 Photo credit: Christian Tscharre

About the livery

Ecco Rail has opted for simplicity while branding the locomotive. A focus was put on the logos only – they have been applied both on the locomotive’s sides and fronts. The base color remains (factory) white.

Update 28.01.2021

It’s time for some action with trains. On 27.01.2021 the locomotive was spotted in Röddensen near Lehrte (DE) with a container service towards Hamburg:

159 214 of ELP > Eccorail, seen in Röddensen near Lehrte (DE) 27.01.2021 Photo credit: Sebastian Bollmann

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