[AT] In the picture: Siemens 193 780 in Austria

The Vectron is not really news for Austria. Nonetheless, trials are still taking place even these days. Lately, Siemens’ 193 780 is in the country for trials on the Semmering railway line for example.

Railcolor News thanks Christian Blumenstain for his photo-submission. Check out his Flickr profile for more pictures packed with railway action.

Siemens‘ 140 years of e-mobility’ Vectron 193 780 was spotted in Austria yesterday. The locomotive was part of a test train, also including ÖBB’s 1016 004 and 049. The train ran between Vienna and St. Pölten and the image below shows it at Wagram junction near Pottenbrunn:

Siemens’ 193 780 seen with a test train, together with 1016 004 and 049 at Wagram junction near Pottenbrunn (AT) 31.08.2020 Photo credit: Christian Blumenstein

The week before, the same locomotive was seen during tests at the Semmering railway between Payerbach-Reichenau and Semmering;

While the test goals are unknown to us, we will be certainly following the topic and bringing you an update as soon as there is more news. In the meantime, get to know 193 780 with our dedicated article below:

[DE / Expert] Finally, Siemens 193 780 shows itself