[ES] Flecharoja: Trenitalia orders more Zefiro V300s for Spain

Trenitalia currently operates a fleet of 49 (one unit crashed earlier this year) Zefiro V300 high-speed trains that run under the Frecciarossa 1000 brand name. In 2019 the operator announced it will be acquiring 14 additional Frecciarossa 1000 trainsets. Now, a third Frecciarossa order has been made public. And it has a specific purpose: Intermodalidad de Levante (ILSA)’s start of commercial operation in Spain.

Frecciarossa or Flecharoja? Hitachi and Bombardier have been awarded a contract for the delivery of a total of 23 additional Zefiro V300 trainsets. These are intended exclusively for operation in Spain by Trenitalia joint venture with Spanish airline Air Nostrum: ILSA.

Signed on 10.08.2020, the contract has a value of EUR 797 million, whereas the participation of the two companies has been split into 60% for Trenitalia and 40% for ILSA.

“The Frecciarossa 1000 very high-speed train has been chosen for the new ILSA franchise in Spain to enrich the travel experience for passengers, thanks to its high levels of comfort and reliability. (…) The liberalization of Europe’s railways enables ILSA to offer new rail services in Spain to encourage even more passengers to shift their journeys from cars and planes to trains, contributing towards global sustainability goals,” – Franco Beretta, President and Managing Director of Bombardier Transportation Italy

About the new trains

The 23 new trains for Spain will be designed and built by Hitachi Rail and Bombardier in Italy. These are the specs that have been made public thus far:

  • Top speed: 360 km/h;
  • Length: 200 meters;
  • Capacity: 460 passengers.

According to Bombardier, the trains will be equipped with a high level of comfort in all classes and will feature Wi-Fi connectivity and a bistro area. The impression below shows a Frecciarossa 1000 at Madrid’s Puerta de Atocha station:

About ILSA

ILSA won the ‘B’ package for high-speed services in Spain after the Spanish infrastructure manager for high-speed lines, invited operators to place a bid for train paths on Spain’s high-speed network in 2019.  The package includes 96 trains daily:

  • 32x Madrid – Barcelona;
  • 16x Madrid – Valencia;
  • 16x Madrid – Alacant;
  • 16x Madrid – Seville;
  • 16x Madrid – Málaga.

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