[EU / Expert] Tender Update 25.07

Out now – Railcolor News’ latest edition of Tender Updates – your weekly overview of the recent tender updates for rolling stock from Europe:

  • [DE] Abellio Rail’s tender for leasing of EMUs for the Stuttgart/BaWü network has been awarded to DB Regio. The trains, which are required to be equipped with PZB and to have a top speed of at least 140 km/h, have been divided into two lots: 1) 12x units with a max length of 68 m and at least 200 seats, and 2) 6x units with a max length of 37 m with a capacity of at least 100 seats. The trainsets need to be able to operate in multiple mode in a formation of up to 4 units and their design type should be similar to the one of series 426. They will be leased by Abellio for a period of 6 months, starting from 14.06.2020. Valued at EUR 10.29 million, the contract has been signed on 05.06.2020.
  • [CZ] ČD is canceling its order for the supply of 60x low-floor DMUs with a required capacity of 120 people, because the presented bids have been evaluated as ‘economically unacceptable’ by the contracting authority. The expected maximum price of EUR 194.2 million has been exceeded by Polish Pesa, Newag, and Spanish CAF.
  • [PL] PKP Intercity has issued a second extension of the offer submission period for its tender for 10 interoperable electrics. The previous deadline, 29.07.2020, now reads 31.08.2020.
  • [PL] Koleje Dolnośląskie has received a bid from PESA for its DMU tender, while Newag has not shown interest in this competition. At the same time, the operator is studying the possibility of increasing funding for its hybrid order. It is expected that the final decision is to be made in early September.
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