[PL] First contract for bi-mode multiple units for Poland signed

And after many news and plans, the first contract has finally been signed: Pomorze Zachodnie region purchases the first two bi-mode electric and diesel Newag Impuls 2 units of its kind.

They call these trains hybrids, but they really are bi-mode trains, powered either by electricity, or a diesel engine. We are talking about Newag’s “hybrid” technology introduced at the TRAKO fair. Built on an Impuls EMU platform, the idea was to introduce train capable to run on diesel when electrified lines vanish en route. Thus we are not speaking about alternative fuels such as battery or hydrogen, but a technology ever more popular with locomotives, such as EuroDual.

The West Pomerania region truly is the first customer of a DEMU classified as 36WEh by the manufacturer. The contract confirming the binding order of two units with an option for 10 additional trains was signed on 16.07.2020.

The visualization of the first bi-mode “hybrid” Impuls 2. Photo credit: Newag

Another potential customer of this train type by the end of 2020 is Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna (ŁKA). They are looking for 3 three-car units, 2 units with the same length (and an option for four more) has been unsuccessfully tendered by Koleje Dolnośląskie (KD) too.