[CZ] In the picture: RegioJet’s first TRAXX MS3 on tests


Yesterday, our Expert subscribers had an exclusive preview of Regiojet’s first TRAXX MS3 up close. But there are more beautiful pictures being sent to Railcolor News.

Railcolor News thanks Luis Köcher for his image contribution.

The nice picture below shows the locomotive up and running trials near Kassel, where Bombardier is assembling the first batch (a total of 15 such locomotives were ordered) of RegioJet TRAXX MS3s. Enjoy:

RegioJet’s 388 201 on tests 24.06.2020 Photo credit: Luis Köcher

388 201 in detail

Need to have a closer look? Curious to see the locomotive’s country raster? A view of both cabs and a good side view, perhaps? We’ve got you covered:

[CZ / Expert] Breaking: The first Regiojet TRAXX MS3!

The full story about this new type of locomotive in our corresponding data dossier:

[Data] Bombardier TRAXX MS3 Regiojet