[CH] In the picture: Rhätische Bahn’s Geaf 2/2 on tests

Back in April, Railcolor News previewed the first two out of a total of seven hybrid shunters that Rhätische Bahn (RhB) ordered from Stadler Rail. One of them, unit 20602, was recently seen on tests in Landquart. Let’s have a look.

The Railcolor team thanks Gunther Lange for sharing his beautiful pictures with the magazine.

Geaf 2/2 20602 is out and about in Switzerland. The hybrid shunter was spotted with a test train at Landquart station on 18.06.2020:

RhB’s Geaf 2/2 20602 on tests in Landquart (CH) 18.06.2020 Photo credit: Gunther Lange

The test train consisted of a 1st class passenger car and RhB’s Ge 4/4 II 624 on the other side. Its route was between the stations of Landquart and Arosa.

At the back of the train: RhB’s Ge 4/4 II 624 – as seen in Landquart (CH) 18.06.2020 Photo credit: Gunther Lange

About RhB’s Geaf 2/2

To find out more details about Stadler’s / RhB’s hybrid shunting project, visit our Expert article below:

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