[DE] Colorful trains parade: The BaWü-Abellio ‘Ersatzkonzept’ in action

The ‘Ersatzkonzept’ (‘replacement concept’ in English) for passenger services of the third and final stage of the Neckartal contract is already in motion. In focus: various colorful locomotive-hauled trains in service for WFL.

Railcolor News thanks Alex Kopp and Marcel Lotzen for their photo-contributions.

146 521 of Akiem

On 16.06.2020 a new type of all-blue train was seen in service in Baden Württemberg’s Tübingen on line IRE6 Tübingen – Stuttgart. And yes, this very locomotive with these very cars appeared recently on Railcolor News (and they were not alone):

Akiem > HSL > WFL 146 521 WFL in Tübingen, Baden Württemberg 16.06.2020 Photo credit: Alex Kopp

185 689 of Railpool

Railpool-leased TRAXXes are also in use between Tübingen and Stuttgart and Tübingen and Heilbronn. 185 689 is seen below:

Railpool 185 689 in Lauffen am Neckar (DE) Photo credit: Marcel Lotzen

Railpool 185 691

And a nice landscape images of 185 691 follows:

Railpool 185 691 in Lauffen am Neckar (DE) Photo credit: Marcel Lotzen

ES 64 U2-030 of MRCE

Prefer a Siemens loco? No problem. MRCE’s got you covered with a black ES64U2 in combination with classic TRI (Train Rental GmbH) coaches on the RE10a:

ES64 U2-030 of MRCE with TRI-coaches, seen in Lauffen am Neckar (DE) 20.06.2020 Photo credit: Marcel Lotzen

Bonus: Yet another, scenic of the same train – notice the swan in the left part of the picture:

ES64 U2-030 of MRCE with TRI-coaches, seen near Nordheim (DE) 20.06.2020 Photo credit: Marcel Lotzen

Of course, this colorful mix of locomotives and cars has a background story behind. Our Expert subscribers had the opportunity to read a thorough overview of the ‘Ersatzkonzept’. Here is the link:

[DE / Expert] ‘Ersatzkonzept’ in blue – SRI coaches for Abellio replacement services

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