[PL] Project completed: The Elf 2 EMUs for Koleje Śląskie

Often Railcolor brings news about things that are going to happen. A contract is signed, a delivery schedule is mentioned, the first train arrives, marketing-wise interesting moments. Sometimes the delivery of the final trains is a reason for a celebration too if all went according to plan… It can be interesting though to look back at a project, at the moment it is finished. That is what we do today:

Koleje Śląskie (KS), the passenger operator in the Śląskie voivodeship, will soon receive the last of 21 EMUs type Elf 2 built by Pesa. In the last week of May no. 20 arrived. The last unit will start its career with when a new time table will come into effect, at the end of June. Then the contract, signed in October 2016, will be completed. Time for an overview:

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