[IT] In the picture: GTS Rails’ “Muvt” is on the move

At the end of April, the three GTS Rail Vectrons arrived in Italy. We bring you an image of one of them, “Muvt” running under its own.

We thank Mattia Deambrogio for sharing his image with Railcolor News.

A slang from the region of Puglia, meaning “Hurry Up” or “Move yourself”, “Muvt” is the name that GTS Rail gave to one of three brand new Vectron DCs it got from Siemens Mobility. Designated as 191 044, the black-orange locomotive was recently seen running as a light engine near Borgolavezzaro in Italy:

GTS Rail’s 191 044 “Muvt” seen near Borgolavezzaro, (IT) 19.05.2020 Photo credit: Mattia Deambrogio

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