[SK] Škoda and ŽOS Trnava: the first 3-car EMU for ZSSK

Škoda: The assembly of 25 new EMUs for Slovak national passenger rail operator ZSSK is well underway. While the first 4-car unit (Class 660) was introduced in Slovakia back in February, now it is the first 3-car unit (Class 661) that is on its way to Slovakia for the final production stage. 

Škoda Transportation is reporting that currently, eight units are under assembly and that the first Class 661 unit is being sent to its Slovak consortium partner – ŽOS Trnava – where the end-cars will join their middle part. Apart from the first two prototypes, all 23 remaining units will follow this procedure and after their ‘marriage’, the EMUs will be finalized and ready for tests. All trains should be delivered by 2022.

Martina – the first three-car unit for ZSSK. Photo credit: Škoda Transportation