[CZ] New space ships are landing: EP Cargo 383 063 and 064

28.02.2020 was a busy day in Břeclav, near the CZ-AT-border. At least a busy day for the lovers of colorful Vectrons. DB Cargo, PKP Cargo, ČD Cargo, Lokotrain… The latter operator sent, next to an ELL-machine, the latest addition to its fleet: 383 063-5. It is the sixth machine in ‘space ship’ design, and Šimon Prečuch caught it with his camera:

EP Cargo 383 063-5 in Břeclav – 28.02.2020 –
Šimon Prečuch

Update 03.04.2020

Over the past weeks, we saw it running in Kassel (DE) and in Velim (CZ). But it was still white. Today we show you 363 064 as a spaceship. Again all credits to Šimon Prečuch:

EP Cargo 383 064 on 03.04.2020 – Šimon Prečuch