[EU / Expert] About Siemens 193 767

First seen last week: Vectron-locomotive no. 193 767, currently residing in Regensburg. The machine has a neutral white livery with Vectron and Siemens logos, similar to 193 819 for example (seen below). Yes, it has the red ‘mustache’ as its package is A35 with BG and RS extra:


It is Vectron no. 822 882 on the production list with works number Siemens 22722. Interesting is too that we have not seen any new ELL-locomotives since November 2019. 193 765 is the ELL-locomotive with the highest number of the most recent batch. A 193 766 has not been seen yet.

Siemens 193 819 at the T1 test ring of Wegberg-Wildenrath on 19.03.2018 – Photo: Wolfgang Scheer
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