[DE] “Alexa…where can I find new train drivers?”

At the end of January, some Alpha Trains>Länderbahn locomotives got that extra ‘a’. Alex (Allgäu-Express) became Alexa. For example, 223 065 and 068 were seen with the ‘new’ logo. Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, a good moment to release the next step in the Alexa campaign.

This is 183 005 in a full, new design. Its purpose is two-fold; Firstly, Die Länderbahn wants to celebrate diversity in its ranks and equal opportunities for women; At the same time, the company hopes more women will become interested in working in rail transport. Many rail operators experience that the search for qualified train drivers, for example, is a challenging one.

We thank Dominic Nübel‎ for this classic ‘hanging-out-of-the-window-shot’:

Länderbahn 183 005 in Alexa-design – Regensburg – 07.03.2020 – Dominic Nübel‎