[AT] ÖBB consulting the market for new EMUs for international use

Despite having an extensive frame contract with Bombardier, the Austrian federal railways ÖBB has started a new market consultation process for regional passenger trains. The operator focuses on trains for operation in Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic:

  • 39 EMUs – 11x ca, 75 meter length, 28x ca. 100 meter;
  • Vmax 160 km/h – up to 4 trains in multiple;
  • PZB, ETCS installed;
  • Regional and interregional passenger services in Oberösterreich and Salzburg;
  • PRM friendly;
  • Suitable for use in Alpine conditions, including routes with many tunnels;
  • level entrance on 550 mm SOK;
  • All 39 trains are available by 01.12.2023.

ÖBB may buy the trains or lease them for 10 years. Maintenance may be included. All details here: ted.europa.eu

As stated, ÖBB has a frame contract with Bombardier for the delivery of up to 300 EMUs (Talent 3) for regional transport. The first trains arrived in Austria in 2018, but their commissioning is still pending.