[AT] ÖBB consulting the market for new EMUs for international use

Despite having an extensive frame contract with Bombardier, the Austrian federal railways ÖBB has started a new market consultation process for regional passenger trains. The operator focuses on trains for operation in Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic:

  • 39 EMUs – 11x ca, 75 meter length, 28x ca. 100 meter;
  • Vmax 160 km/h – up to 4 trains in multiple;
  • PZB, ETCS installed;
  • Regional and interregional passenger services in Oberösterreich and Salzburg;
  • PRM friendly;
  • Suitable for use in Alpine conditions including routes with many tunnels;
  • leveled entrance on 550 mm SOK;
  • All 39 trains available by 01.12.2023.

ÖBB may buy the trains, or lease them for a period of 10 years. Maintenance may be included. All details here: ted.europa.eu

As stated, ÖBB has a frame contract with Bombardier for the delivery of up to 300 EMUs (Talent 3) for regional transport – The first trains arrived in Austria in 2018, but their commissioning is still pending.