[AT] Official: ÖBB signs framework agreement for Talent3 – 21 trains ordered

On 27.12.2016, Bombardier Transportation and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) officially signed a framework agreement covering the delivery of up to 300 Talent3 trains. The total amount of the framework contract is valued at a list price of approximately 1.8 billion euro and it gives ÖBB the opportunity to make several call-offs for trainsets used for regional and suburban rail transport.

The first call-off order under the framework contract, also signed on December 27, is for 21 Talent3 trains (150 million euro) to be delivered in 2019. These will be operated in the rural and urban areas in Austria’s Vorarlberg region and neighboring countries.

Photo: Bombardier Transportation

It took some extra time to have this contract finalized. Stadler Rail requested a re-evaluation of the bids in the tendering process, but court rejected the appeal.

Railcolor: During the past years, Siemens has been the preferred bidder for regional train of the ÖBB with its Desiro Mainline-platform. Before that, Bombardier provided Talent trains of the first generation. The new Talent3 trains are now presented in the red-orange-white ‘CityJet’ livery.

As Bombardier is now selected for this frame contract, Austria will not see Stadler Flirt trains nor Siemens Mireo trains in the fleet of the the state operator anytime soon. We see the Talent3 of ÖBB as the new standard for regional services. Recently the ÖBB declared that Talent3 will not come to Vienna for S-Bahn services. Introducing yet another type here would be less economically beneficent than ordering more Siemens Desiro Mainline trains, which are already used as S-Bahn train, resulting in a more homogeneous fleet.

Photo: Bombardier Transportation