[DE] Desiro ML for ODEG: Alpha Trains orders new trains

Alpha Trains has announced it will be providing the new trains for German passenger operator ODEG, that will use them in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the north-east of Germany. The order comprises seven Siemens Desiro ML EMUs, that will over time take over from similar trains ODEG is currently hiring from the Austrian federal railways (ÖBB).

The new trains are already in production, so we expect they will enter service in 2020. ODEG needs them for the „Ostseeküste-Ost“ network, on which it took over from DB Regio this weekend. Siemens will initially deliver the EMUs as 3-car trains, but it will be possible to add an extra car at a later moment when more capacity is required. The new trains will be used on the routes Rostock – Sassnitz, Stralsund – Binz, and Rostock – Züssow.

Below you see two of the ÖBB Desiro ML trains ODEG is currently hiring:

‘ODEG’ 4746 054 and 4746.055 on their way to Passau (DE) and beyond, Wien-Haidenstrasse 10.12.2019 – Gabriel Tunjic