[CZ] EffiShunters 1000 go mainline: Double-power on a sugar beet train

The production of EffiShunters 1000 for ČD Cargo is ongoing, two locomotives out of totally five ordered are out. Not only have 744 110 and 744 111 been spotted on a train, but they have also been spotted together, hauling open-top wagons purposed for sugar beet in an ongoing harvest season, supplying the sugar mills in the south-east part of the Czech republic.

EffiShunters 744.110 and 741.111 of ČD Cargo with a sugar beet train at Hrušovany station (CZ). Photo: Pavel Polák

Being part of the ČD Cargo rolling stock renewal program, five of EffiShunters 1000 have an option for another 5 pieces in the contract, while the deliveries of Effiliners 1600 and EffiShunters 1000-M are ongoing at the same time.

In the electric locomotives world, TRAXX MS3 in new livery has been introduced too, while the company scans the market for further fleet renewal.