[DE] Testing: the Westbahn KISS in Germany

It has been a while since Deutsche Bahn announced it will be taking over the entire Westbahn KISS fleet. With commercial introduction scheduled for the Spring of 2020, the German state operator is currently busy with the upgrades of the EMUs, as well as their certification for use on the German railway network:

We thank Tobi Schubbert‎ and Steffen Kliemann for sharing their nice pictures with us.

On 04.12.2019, 4110 110 was seen in action in Weinböhla on its way to Dresden-Reick (DE):

Westbahn > DB’s KISS 4110 110, seen in Weinböhla (DE) Photo: Steffen-Kliemann

And earlier, on 29.11.2019 a nice scene of unit 4110 110 running trials between Kötzschau and Bad Dürrenberg (DE) was captured. What’s special about this view is the Westbahn livery, which the EMU is still wearing. After all, it will be soon replaced by DB’s standard IC paint scheme.

4110 110 of Westbahn > DB, seen between Kötzschau and Bad Dürrenberg 29.11.2019 Photo: Tobi Schubbert‎