[AT] iLint 654 102 in Austria [updated]

While 654 101 is in use in Germany, in revenue earning service, 654 102 is on tour in Austria. On 03.12.2019 the hydrogen train was testing on the line Wiener Neustadt – Fehring. Herbert Pschill was able to portray 9580 0654 102-2 D-ALHB in Hartberg:

Alstom iLint 654 102 in Hartberg on 03.12.2019 – Herbert Pschill

On 04.12.2019 the train ran between Eichberg und Breitenstein. Christopher Kavassy caught it on camera:

The iLint HMU on tests near Apfelwiese, Eichberg am Semmering 04.12.2019 Photo: Christopher Kavassy