[IT] The ‘Donizetti’ – Alstom Coradia Stream for Trenord

Today, Alstom and FNM’s Ferrovienord announced the signing of a contract for the delivery of 31 Coradia Stream EMUs. The project follows Alstom’s win of a tender called by FNM in 2017, after the approval of the acquisition of 176 new trains by Lombardy Region, which is a EUR 1.6 billion global fleet renovation program.

Stadler and Hitachi are already taking part in Lombardia’s passenger train renaissance. Now, Alstom joins this impressive project. Valued at EUR 194 million, the Coradia Stream order is part of a larger framework agreement. The trains will be operated in the Italian region of Lombardy, with deliveries set to begin in 2022.

Impression: Alstom

The order represents the first batch from a framework agreement that was signed between Alstom and FNM. The contract stipulates the possibility of delivery of 30 additional trainsets, increasing the total number up to 61. Options for preventive and corrective maintenance services are also included in the agreement between the two companies.

“With the signing of this third Framework Agreement and the application contract, after those for high-capacity and diesel-electric trains we complete the framework of actions for the renewal of the train fleet, possible thanks to the funding and directions of the Lombardy Region. The 176 new trains that will begin to enter service from the coming months will progressively guarantee the improvement of the quality of service in a region.” – Andrea Gibelli, president of FNM


The trains, which are part of Alstom’s Coradia Stream family, will have a special name – “Donizetti” – honoring the Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti.

Technical specifications

  • Top speed: 160 km/h;
  • Acceleration 0-60 km/h: 0.89 m/s²;
  • Train control system: SCMT / ERTMS;
  • Configuration: single-deck;
  • Consist: 4 cars;
  • Length: 84.2 m;
  • Capacity: 518 passengers (263 seated);
  • Number of toilets: 2.
Impression: Alstom

Their interior has been adapted for both medium-length and suburban journeys and includes wide corridors that are PRM-friendly. The units will be equipped with air conditioning, passenger information, and video surveillance, systems. Other features include on-seat USB and power sockets, entertainment service with 32-inch LCD screens, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. The LED interior lighting is automatically regulated based on the amount of natural light entering from the train’s windows.

The familiar white/green/blue livery has been designed by Italian studio Torinocrea.

Built by Alstom in Italy

The EMUs will be mostly manufactured in Alstom’s site in Savigliano, where project development and certification are being carried out as well. Design and manufacturing of the traction systems and other components take place at San Giovanni, while the on-board signaling systems are delivered by the Bologna site.


According to FNM, the Lombardy Region and Trenord have set the criteria for the distribution of the new rolling stock from 2020 to 2025. They are the following: number of seats offered, lines on which the oldest material is in circulation, lines in need of increased performance, and homogeneity of the rolling stock on the individual lines.

Curious fact: Lombardy, with its more than 800,000 passengers per day, has a local traffic volume equal to a quarter of the national total.

Even more trains for Trenord

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