[SK] Railtrans International: Our Vectrons will look like this [updated]

Siemens has delivered two Vectron locomotives to a new customer: Railtrans International from Slovakia. 383 111 and 112 are now with the customer and Railtrans has confirmed that this will be their future livery. It is one with two different faces, one in RTI blue and one in green. A slogan has been added too – Synergies inspired by you. For you. 

Impression by RTI

Railtrans International a.s. (RTI), based in Bratislava, is related to RT Logistic, a.s. and Railtrans Wagon. s.r.o.. RT LOGISTIC is providing logistic solutions and a member of biofuel producers Envien Group. RTI mainly transport petrochemical products, coal, and wood. Additionally, RTI trains were seen pulling autoracks and container trains. Railtrans Wagon leases freight wagons, mainly for the transportation of liquids and fuels.

Update 29.10.2019

The first locomotive is getting its stickers as we ‘write’. Bakos András could not wait and created a 3D design impression:



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