[AT] The new ÖFB Railjet – new design for locomotive and coaches

Two weeks ago, we showed you locomotive 1116 249 in its new ÖFB design – the machine comes with a corresponding rake of Railjet-coaches. The whole train looks like this:

We thank Mathias Machatschek for sharing his picture with us:

ÖBB 1116 249 and Rsailjet0-train in their new ÖFB design – Wien Hauptbahnhof, 15.10.2019 – Mathias Machatschek

It is the second time a complete RailJet train got an ÖFB design. For comparison, the first one with locomotive 1116 225 looked like this:

ÖBB 1116 225 with its corresponding ÖFB Railjet-train in Guntramsdorf on 18.06.2016 – Šimon Prečuch